Screen Printing & Embroidery for Sports Teams

Your jersey says a lot about you, all the way from the logo to the color scheme. For instance, many teams have a strong mascot such as a Tiger or an Eagle. Team colors can be read, white, and blue, or something cool like neon colors. A team uniform should be something that give players the confidence they need to win.

Your team, whether it is a baseball/softball team, basketball team, etc.,  deserves to have impactful team uniforms. By having a strong looking uniform, the players can be proud when they go onto the playing field and make their opponents shiver. With a strong uniform, parents and other fans will be given extra confidence in their team and will be proud to get their own fan gear as well.

When they get out of the car or bus, the other team will closely look at the jerseys of the opponent. Making a good first impression is important. Whether you’d like to instill fear or just look better than the competition, come to us here at idesign Apparel. We’d love to outfit your whole team with great team jerseys.