What is screen printing and how is it different from cad cut (heat transfers)?

Screen printing, or silk screening, is a process where ink is applied to fabric to create an image. Ink is applied to a screen, then pushed through with a squeegee. Each color is applied individually until the image is complete. This process can be used with complicated designs that have multiple colors. There is a 12-piece minimum.

Cad cut, or heat transfer, is a process where a plastic-like material is applied to fabric through use of a heat press. This material is often used on the back of  jersey for player names and numbers. The design is cut out of a larger roll of material, weeded out to remove the negative spaces of the design, and then heat pressed onto the fabric. This process can only be completed with simple designs with one or two colors, although one-color is preferred. There is no minimum but, jobs with 12 or more pieces may be recommended for screen printing to reduce your cost.

Can you print on sleeves or pant legs?

Yes, we can print on sleeves and pant legs on one side of the apparel. Depending on the design and the amount of pieces, we may recommend screen printing or cad cut as an option.

If you required around-the-sleeve printing, we can sublimate the design onto the sleeve. The apparel must be at least 50% polyester and white. A 100% polyester piece of apparel will make the color more vibrant and the design will look nicer. You can also sublimate on light colors but, we can't print white as a color.

Can you embroider and screen print on the same garment?

Yes, we can embroider and screen print on the same garment. While embroidery has no minimums, screen printing has a minimum of 12 pieces. We normally don't recommend doing this however, since embroidery looks more professional and the screen print takes away from that look.

How can I be sure the correct process is being selected on my job?

With your idea, we try and develop the most economical and practical way of making your vision into a reality. We will look at your design, type of apparel, and number of pieces to determine which process will be the best for you. We won't recommend a process that will make our work look poorly either and we will try our best to fit within your budget.

Can I order my design on multiple shirt styles and / or colors?

Yes, you can order multiple apparel styles and colors with the same design. There may be additional charges if the color of apparel decoration isn't consistent. For example if you ordered black and white shirts, you would need a different color print/embroidery on each for your design to be visible on each garment.

What types of materials are printable for sublimation?

For apparel, a 100% polyester , white piece is preferred. The design will come out more vibrant and we can print full color. We can print on light colors but, can't print the color white. You can choose to do a 50% polyester blended piece but, the color will not be as vibrant as the proof we provide.

For promotional items, we have a catalog of many types of products we can sublimate (mugs, picture frames, ornaments, pennants, tiles, etc.). If you want an image on a particular item, please ask us to see if that item is available for sublimation.

Can you embroider on items other than apparel?

Yes, we can also embroider on bags, backpacks, towels, blankets, etc. To see if we can embroider your item, bring it into the shop to have our embroiderers examine it for approval.


How quickly can I expect my job to be completed?

Before we can begin your job, we need to have at least a 50% deposit and must have your approval on artwork (if necessary). Once we have your deposit and approval, it will take about 2 weeks or less to complete your job. However during our busy seasons (beginning of summer sports, Christmas), it can take up to 4 weeks to complete your job.

Can you print over the zipper on a hoodie or jacket?

We do not recommend printing over the zipper on a hoodie or jacket since the design will have a "blank" space in the middle and it will cost considerably more than a normal print. We advise you make the print a left chest or full back design.

How can I pay for my job?

We accept cash, check, and credit card payments. We require at least a 50% deposit before we begin work on your job (artwork, ordering apparel, etc.). We don't keep credit card numbers on file and prefer you swipe in-store rather over-the-phone.

Can I place my order over the phone?

We currently don't accept orders over the phone and prefer to have physical documentation such as an email or in-store written order form. But, you can ask questions about any of our services and we will be happy to assist you.

Will I be able to see a sample before my design gets printed/embroidered?

We do not make a physical sample but, we will email you a proof for approval of what your design will look like. For embroidery, we do make sample sew-outs to ensure that the embroidery file sews correctly. We will not begin printing or embroidering until you approve the design.